Shoulder The Lion

Directed by Erinnisse Heuer and Patryk Rebisz / 2015 / USA and Poland / 74 min

“Superbly crafted art film. … Don’t miss this one if art is in any way part of your life. Even more so if it is not.”
– Robin E. Simmons (CV Weekly)

“One of the more unique documentaries I’ve seen — and a work of art in itself.”
– Stephen Pizzello (Editor-in-Chief of American Cinematographer)

Using striking visuals, this documentary presents three remarkable stories of individuals who prevail in spite of losing the physical senses that are central to their art. An artist who slowly turns blind uses photography to perceive the world and questions what it means to “see” images, and the role they play in our life. A musician discovers how deep his love for music extends when increased hearing loss makes playing almost impossible. When a former female boxer, and the real woman behind the Academy Award-winning film Million Dollar Baby, loses half her brain in a fight, she must re-learn who she is and how to live through her painting. Shoulder The Lion breaks the conventions of filmmaking and is an artistic venture that speaks to the power of the human spirit.

Followed by a Q&A with the film directors.

Watch the trailer for Shoulder The Lion here


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